We turn open headcount into new hires. 🪄

“Hire Smart or Manage Tough” 
                          –  “Red” Scott

Talent Acquisition leaders have a lot on their plate these days, and the methods of the past seem to more-consistently fall short when it comes to building both a sustainable and cost-effective model for attracting, hiring and retaining talented people into your company.

Yet, the more things change… the more recruiting still comes up as a top priority for CEOs

Right On. And Right On Time. Every Time.

The ConnectedWell Partnership Team has more than sixty years of in-the-trenches experience helping companies scale fast, fix problems and leverage their best assets, their people.

We have a proven system called “full-stack recruiting” that enables you to move fast and scale up your hiring efforts with:

  • Minimal impact on your current team
  • Maximum impact on your hiring velocity

That’s the formula for a good ROI if I have ever seen one.

Hire a Whole Team of Recruiters in One Call

Looking to beef up your internal hiring team’s capabilities? While you’re hiring new recruiters, our team can be staffing up and screening candidates — tomorrow. Don’t let your pipeline dry up while you find your next full-time recruiter.

But be advised, after experiencing our proven capacity to boost and lift your team’s internal strength, many of our Talent Leaders have realized they don’t need extra full-time recruiters after all.

With our help, you can use your existing internal teams + some superhero strength from ConnectedWell in the background so everyone can sleep better at night. Even your CFO!

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Human Driven, Technology Enabled

Our founder was a programmer first. He moved to technical recruiting because of his love for human interaction, powered by technology.

Now, fifteen years later, we have build a proprietary sourcing and communication technology that enables us to seamlessly stay in touch with thousands of candidates and drive effective, custom pipelines to your hiring needs in days, not weeks.

Our mantra is to let the computers do what they’re good at, so the humans can do what the humans are best at!

Social First. Post-And-Pray Has Gone Away

We have cultivated thousands of followers on our various social media accounts to drive interest in your openings as soon as you hand them over to us.

Looking for even more? We have partnered with Utah Jobs List to provide deep coverage for your roles in a format familiar to job seekers

Ready? Let’s get to work.

We are Recruiting and Hiring Experts – We strive to enable business owners and leaders make the best decisions possible regarding their people.

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