Now Hiring: Senior Data Engineer – San Francisco

About the Role

As our Senior Data Engineer, you will help to grow our Data Services team focused on business intelligence, and play a leading role on our Analytics Infrastructure team. You’ll architect, design and develop a foundational, strategic vision for how we can continue to scale our world-class data environment and make our data accessible and digestible for reporting and analysis across the company. You’ll collaborate with our Analytics and Infrastructure teams to manage and own our data warehouse used by hundreds across the company to drive reporting and analysis. Over time you will implement a portfolio of tools that empower analysts across the company to analyze and enrich our terabytes of data about our customers and pros. We’re looking for a skilled data engineer and leader who can blend deep technical understanding with a bias for action and a strong sense of collaboration.


  • Proactively drive the vision for BI and Data Warehousing across the company, and define and execute on a roadmap to achieve that vision
  • Design, architect, and maintain a data warehouse that supports a rapidly evolving product, in partnership with our stellar analytics and data services teams
  • Define, document and socialize foundational aspects of our reporting and analytical data model
  • Build and own the reporting pipelines and infrastructure that organize and structure our terabytes of data into digestible tables that empower analysis and reporting across the company
  • Drive data quality across key product and business areas
  • Collaborate closely with analysts to ensure our analytical infrastructure helps meet our company goals and allows product development to move fast
  • Partner with data services and product engineering teams to ensure consistent, seamless tracking and measurement of key company and product metrics

Must-Have Qualifications

If you don’t think you meet all of the criteria below but still are interested in the job, please apply. Nobody checks every box, and we’re looking for someone excited to join the team.

  • 6 or more years of experience working in data or backend engineering, where your primary focus was on datastores and business intelligence, serving analysis and reporting functions
  • Experience building ETL data pipelines in a programming language like Python or Scala
  • Experience designing, architecting, and maintaining a data warehouse that seamlessly stitches together data from production databases, clickstream event data, and external APIs to serve teams of analysts
  • Experience being a project manager across a set of diverse projects with a strong track record of delivering against aggressive timelines
  • Excellent ability to understand the needs of and collaborate with stakeholders in other functions, especially the Analytics team

Nice-to-Have Qualifications

  • Experience managing or leading a data engineering team
  • Experience in an online marketplace or similar consumer technology company
  • Experience with a modern public cloud-based tech stack on AWS/GCP and the Google BigQuery data environment
  • Experience orchestrating data pipelines that serve hourly or daily metric reporting in Airflow
  • Experience with streaming or near-real time data pipelines
  • Experience building data pipelines in Scala

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Now Hiring: Growth Marketing Manager – Los Angeles, CA

At our client, the marketing team is responsible for driving the strategy, execution and measurement of marketing campaigns for all product releases. We’re looking for an experienced Growth Marketing Manager with strong analytical and creative thinking skills to drive the eCommerce marketing funnel for our client’s portfolio of brands. As a member of our high performing and fun team, you’ll drive sales through new customer acquisitions and retention campaigns—identifying growth opportunities throughout the consumer lifecycle. This role reports directly to the VP of Marketing.


  • Build, scale, optimize and evolve a strategy for acquisition and retention across all digital marketing channels including SEM, Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Web, etc.
  • Define KPIs and own campaign execution and performance analysis on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis; lead the decision making for why, when, how and where to allocate our paid advertising budget.
  • Manage all aspects of performance marketing for our client’s DTC site across paid social, retargeting, search, email, etc. Source and/or manage external agency partner(s), build campaign briefs, and work to ensure agency partners are aligned with our client’s overall business strategies, objectives, and are driving results.
  • Collaborate with Brand Manager, Social Media, and Marketing Manager to deliver on brand growth objectives. Present performance results across marketing channels, identify effective messaging and ad creatives to continuously scale and optimize channel performance.
  • Build models to ensure that the growth strategy is achieving ROAS, CVR, LTV, CAC, and attribution targets.
  • Partner with our client’s DTC & Shopify team to improve on-site conversion via DTC promotions/campaigns, user-experience, site-messaging, add-to-cart, and checkout.


  • Self-starter who thrives in a diverse, dynamic, entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and agile culture—someone who can build from the ground-up and leads through change and ambiguity
  • Expert performance marketer with a deep and holistic understanding of the marketing funnel and DTC for growth stage brands
  • Impeccable attention to detail, critical thinking and sharp analytical skills
  • Excellent relationship building and interpersonal skills. An enthusiastic can-do attitude who can influence, inspire, and motivate teams, partners, and agencies
  • A friendly-team player with a positive attitude, and ability to take and give feedback (no egos)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business, Statistics, Management or related fields3+ years of experience in digital marketing in e-commerce, entertainment, gaming or related industries. Consumer Products, Retail, or DTC startup experience is highly preferred
  • A strategist who can tactically utilize media tools within advertising channels/platforms, including tag management systems; build reports and analyze data; and implement A/B testing and experimentation that’s both accurate and rapid
  • Strong project management, organizational, problem-solving, and analytical thinking skills
  • Experience managing creative and media agencies. Innovative, scrappy, resourceful, and a proven track record of driving revenue growth.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills – both verbal and written to clearly convey market dynamics, strategies, tactics, rationale and results, to peers, agency and executive stakeholders
  • Highly proficient at Excel and Powerpoint. Ability to use SQL, Tableau, Adobe suite, Google Tag Manager, and confident knowledge of Google Analytics
  • A sense of humor


  • Company paid medical, dental, and vision benefits for you and your familyFlexible spending account options (medical, dependent care, transit)
  • 401k with company matchingFlexible paid vacation
  • Monthly wellness benefit + complimentary wellness subscriptions
  • Complimentary lunches on Fridays (where we play games together!)
  • Based in Los Angeles (though currently WFH until 2021)

Application Instructions

Chat with my bot now to apply for this role!

What’s the Story Behind Utah Jobs List?

“Utah Jobs List is simply an “open source” attempt at connecting Utah Job Seekers with those who are seeking to hire Utahans who are looking for work.” Join the List / Learn More

A few weeks ago, my partner Cecilia Parkinson and I talked on the phone among other things about recent layoffs here in Utah over the last few months, and it would be great if there was something that could be done about it.  

There are and have been a lot of lists…spreadsheets and linkedin posts that would pop up announcing layoffs or laid off people or some other kind of thing but having something more centralized seemed, well, like a good idea. 

From there, working with my team of talented partners, Utah Jobs List was born.

The idea is simple, and three-fold:

  • A list people can sign up for to be notified about opportunities in a confidential way.
  • A way for employers to push jobs out to the people on the list with a commitment to respond personally to every one of them
  • Companies who want to host events, open houses or recruiting fairs can also have information pushed out to members of the list

As we put this to paper, the major thrust of this is the idea that it is an “Open Source” project, meaning we’re paying the costs and technical burden of providing the tools and technology to connect jobseekers, especially those affected by these layoffs, and hiring managers and recruiters who are seeking people just like them.

What’s in it for ConnectedWell?

If there’s a selfish-er side in this, it’s simple: We get to help Utah workers who are seeking new jobs land new jobs. That helps all of us. Yeah, that’s a little hand-wavy, sure. Here’s the rest of the story:

Of course, we are a technical and professional recruiting and talent consultancy. We may, like any other employer, reach out to potential candidates who join the list and offer them opportunities with our clients, which we may receive compensation for.

We also provide various job-seeker services (most are free, like #career1st, an email newsletter) which, should job seekers be interested, they can leverage, use or subscribe to. Some of those are paid.

We also recognize that some companies, or perhaps companies from out of Utah who seek to hire from our well-educated workforce may engage (pay) us directly to reach out to and market to candidates on their behalf, like any other recruiter or hiring team who subscribes to this list.

What’s In It For Job Seekers?

In the end, landing a job in the new economy is about being known and found. Finding jobs online and job boards are both impersonal and fairly miserable. We seek to provide a personalized experience and a fluid, “open source” way to quickly connect jobseekers with those seeking their unique talents in a respectful, human way.

Without aggrandizing us or our technology or anything, at its basic level, we’re just trying to connect you with job opportunities relevant and interesting to you. If you like the service, we believe you’ll share it with your friends or use it to hire your next team. If you never spend a penny on this service, but find valuable connections and meaningful work, then all the costs we incur to run this will be more than worth it!

How Do I Participate?

If You’re A Job-Seeker:

If you’re a job-seeker, or you might be one someday, click below to see and join the Utah Jobs List:

If you’re a Recruiter or Hiring Team:

If you represent a company who plans to hire people or market job opportunities to the Utah Jobs List, please email us: utahjobslist [AT] connectedwell [dot] com.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’m Sick. I hate It. I’ve learned from it.

Sure, it’s cold and flu season which is to be expected that some would get sick, but this one really has me down and while it’s both tested my limits, its also helped me see some things a little differently as I close out 2019.

The ugly back story is that while people around me were getting sick over the last 6–8 weeks, I have somehow floated above the proverbial germ pool and avoided any adverse ailments, until a week ago today when I felt a tickle as I swallowed. I was sure it was just a dry mouth. Having the furnace on dries the air, afterall. 

No dice. 

The summary is, now a week later and a pharmacy-load of medications, I feel I have survived the worst of this, but still face the weakness in my joints, the aching in my forehead and the lack of stamina or even the will to get things done that would be in a normal day’s work.

I hate it. 

I hate not being able to exercise and do normal things.

I hate not feeling helpful and feeling as though others need to go out of their way to accommodate me (or avoid me, as they should).

But I have also learned from it.

I am a little more methodical at the moment about what I choose to do because I know I don’t have enough energy to just “hustle” until everything is done. 

I need to self-care more frequently, and this doesn’t mean sitting in a tub with candles or whatever, but pay attention to and be with myself and ensure that I am caring for the things that I need. Fueling that flame inside me.

I have asked for help from colleagues and friends and been amazed at their caring responses and willingness to either postpone deadlines or help me with things. 

I need to appreciate others in my life, especially my spouse who put up with the best but most often the worst that my life can dish out.

And, to wax philosophic, I have appreciated more my own breath and the awesome feeling of being up and doing great things, working well, fulfilling commitments, being alert and caring and empathetic to others and having your full capacity available to help you care for others beside yourself. 

I appreciate more my body’s amazing ability to heal itself and the miracles of medicine available to help us.

And hallelujah when I am well enough to play basketball again. 

This 5-Point Scale will Help Your Team Hire Better & Avoid Bias

This five point scale helps you know if you have a hire, a no-hire, or (critically) if you need to go back for more.

There are many ways to rate candidates in your interview process. However, as part of a standardized interview feedback framework, I find the five point scale to work the best in helping you understand what to do with your candidates.

Count them as stars, checkboxes, points or whatever you like. The point is, I strongly encourage FIVE options for reviewers to rate a candidate. More than this leads to ambiguity. Less than this creates false positives and negatives (I will explain below)

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