Now Hiring: Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack – San Francisco

As a Software Engineer, Full Stack on our Product Engineering team, you will help to build new customer experiences around the search, exploration, and analysis of image, video, and unstructured data. This involves working on novel search interfaces which make powerful capabilities discoverable, as well as building intuitive experiences for interacting with machine learning predictions…

Now Hiring: Senior Data Engineer – San Francisco

Our client is seeking a senior data engineer to assist with growing their Data Services team’s capabilities in business intelligence, and play a leading role in their Analytics Infrastructure team.- Drive the vision for Analytics and BI throughout the company – Work on a world-class team with a unique, two-sided marketplace system – Assist our client’s support of crucial small business growth

Now Hiring: Growth Marketing Manager – Los Angeles, CA

At our client, the marketing team is responsible for driving the strategy, execution and measurement of marketing campaigns for all product releases. We’re looking for an experienced Growth Marketing Manager with strong analytical and creative thinking skills to drive the eCommerce marketing funnel for our client’s portfolio of brands. As a member of our high…

I’m Sick. I hate It. I’ve learned from it.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Sure, it’s cold and flu season which is to be expected that some would get sick, but this one really has me down and while it’s both tested my limits, its also helped me see some things a little differently as I close out 2019. The ugly back story is that while people around me…

This 5-Point Scale will Help Your Team Hire Better & Avoid Bias

Whenever I have seen a runaway brotastic-hiring-trainwreck in progress, there is usually one, often quiet person on the panel who sees this coming and attempts (vocally at first, and less frequently over time) to call it out to the group. They need a safe place to share this information.