Our Reviews Model

online reviews with connectedwell utah recruiting

We ❤️ Feedback

We strive to build real-time feedback loops into everything.

Getting realtime feedback is hard. Getting actionable insights seems harder. We’re not sure we’ve cracked the code, but we’re trying to by encouraging candidates and clients to give us real, unfiltered feedback that we publish online. 😬 Yeah.

Our system waits a randomly determined amount of time to post these reviews to aid in keeping responses anonymous. Also, we redact the client names and reserve the right to filter sensitive information such as contact details or vulgarity from the reviews before posting. Fake or unverifiable reviews will not be posted or may be removed.

But the results are otherwise unfiltered… and public.

It keeps us on our toes, to say the least.

How do YOU think we’re doing? Write us an online review here or here

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