Three ‘Rules’ For Networking Online +IRL

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Want to get more value from your networking online and in real life?

Here are 3 rules for networking online and in real life that will help you gain more utility from #networking .


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Rule 1: Be A Network “Hub” not an endpoint.

Be a deal connector and move people through your network freely, without charge, and without friction.

Grand Central Station gets a lot more traffic than any end of the line stop, no matter how interesting it is.

Be someone everyone knows because you take the time to get to know and introduce everyone.

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Be someone everyone knows because you take the time to get to know… everyone.

Rule 2: Give 10x Before You Ask

It seems like you should be able to withdraw a favor once you’ve deposited one.

But that’s not how social credits work.

Think about the last time you got pitched just because you liked someone’s post.

You H.A.T.E.D. it, amirite? 🥴 🙅‍♂️ 🚫

Always GIVE 10x before you ask. 20x even, if that’s what it takes.

Spoiler alert: Usually, you don’t even have to ask. Give this much and people will start sharing deals and info with you or asking how they can help you.

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RULE 3: Be the Bartender

Next time you go to an event, count how many perfect strangers talk to the bartender vs everyone else. It’s TONS. Why?

  • Everyone knows why the bartender is there
  • The bartender has something they want
  • The costs are clear and fair

Be the bartender.

Be clear about who you are and what you’re about.

Don’t play games with what you’re providing and how much it will cost. Nobody wants to negotiate. Be what you are and name your price. The right people will find you if you do it long enough.

Qualify people fast and If you can’t help them, move them along (see rules 1 and 2)

Don’t “move around the room”. Stay where you are. Be consistent. Opportunity will find you if you are consistent and provide enough high value for clear prices.

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Originally shared on 1/19/2021 by @robertmerrill on LinkedIn

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