Now Hiring: Sr Software Engineer React Acquisition – remote (anywhere in USA)

    • You will be part of a KPI-driven product team with a clear mission.
    • You will write clean, well-tested code.
    • You will deliver code often.
    • You will collaborate with other engineers.
    • You will exchange frank, constructive code reviews with your peers.
    • You will help evolve our system architecture toward microservices.
    • You will learn new technologies constantly.
    • You will celebrate successes with your team.
    • You will get to know the people you work with as actual people through office game nights, happy hours, breakfast rallies, and other events.
    • You can work anywhere! We have a great remote culture and utilize several tools to allow us to be highly collaborative.

What makes you a good fit?

    • You have at least 2-4 years of Frontend Development experience with a specialty in Content Management Systems or React, and you know how to deliver great experiences.
    • You are User-focused with an eye for usability, streamlined functionality, and accessibility.
    • You have expertise in at least one of the big JavaScript frameworks/libraries (React, Angular, Vue) with a deep understanding of state management and architecture that leads to efficient development.
    • You have a strong command of the WordPress ecosystem including plugins, themes, hooks, custom post types and re-usable content.
    • You have significant experience consuming APIs, including REST and GraphQL.
    • You are passionate about Software Engineering as a craft. You are always learning and staying up to date on emerging technologies.
    • You have a pragmatic view of your work.
    • You always leave code better than you found it.
    • You are excited to work at a company that helps people.
    • You believe in high candor and you are respectful and a great listener! You hate mediocrity!
    • Product-oriented engineer who cares deeply for your customers.

What makes you stand out as a candidate?

    • You take ownership of initiatives and you love to deliver results and understand the impact on the business!
    • You understand the ins and outs of decoupled CMS.
    • You have experience with WordPress plugin and theme creation/optimization using JavaScript (primarily React).
    • You’ve built shareable React libraries/packages.
    • You love CSS and have an eye for detail and consistency.
    • You’ve worked in Clojure or other functional languages.
    • You’re excited about the Functional Programming paradigm and its benefits.
    • You have extensive experience with ReactJS, ES6, Redux, and DOM APIs – including a solid understanding of state management and generating dynamic views.
    • You are proficient in responsive design development and best practices.
    • You’re familiar with Terraform or other IaC tools.
    • You know Docker, ECS or other containerization tools.
    • You’re experienced working in AWS.
    • You have experience designing and building distributed message-based systems.

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