What is ‘Utah Jobs List’?

In the recent weeks, many Utah companies have experienced reductions in force. While unfortunate, many other companies are hiring and struggling to fill roles.

Utah Jobs List is simply an “open source” attempt at connecting Utah Job Seekers with those who are seeking to hire Utahans who are looking for work. [See the backstory here ?]

Click below to see and join the Utah Jobs List: UtahJobsList.com

Utah Jobs List consists of at least these parts:

  • A form for jobseekers to fill out around their interests and contact information
  • A method for recruiters and companies in Utah to get jobs in front of interesting candidates in a secure way without revealing too much personal info.
  • A way to publish hiring opportunities to seekers
  • Events to connect hiring teams with those who may be looking for new work

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am a Jobseeker ?

Awesome! We hope you find your dream job not far from now. If we can help, you should join the Utah Jobs List by filling out this quick, eight-question mobile-friendly form. Go now!

This will enable you to get notified of jobs you may be interested in with direct access back to hiring managers/recruiting teams for quick/fast-track access to the real jobs. No gimmicks.

Win / Win!

I am Hiring! ?

Alright! That’s what we like to hear! You can start by emailing jobs and job descriptions to utahjobslist@connectedwell.com. To keep the “list” confidential, we will parse and send the description out to the people on the list who match your needs. Note, we need the overall category of job you’re filling to be one of these:

Service & Support
Engineering & Technology
Talent & People
Finance & Accounting

You may also be interested in hosting events or sending job alerts to people on the list. We can facilitate all that for you, or you can push those notifications to people on the list, if you want.

To get started, send job announcements to the list, host an event, syndicate your jobs or some other awesome thing we haven’t thought of yet, email us.

My company has to do layoffs ?

Ugh. That’s really hard.

If you are aware of people who have been affected, or will be affected, and they have allowed you to share their personal information with others, please email us and we can invite them to join the Utah Jobs List for free to be notified of opportunities that might interest them.

If you don’t have permission to share information, please don’t. But, you can send them to this page or, even easier, send them to UtahJobsList.com and invite them to review and register themselves. Just eight questions on a simple, mobile-friendly form will get them access to a wide range of recruiters and hiring teams looking to hire from Utah’s vast, highly educated workforce.

Need more help with outplacement-like services?

Reach out to us. We have access to many resources you can provide to your displaced employees at a fraction of the costs that “outplacement services” provide and at, we think, a much higher value. We are not chatbots and we don’t treat people as tickets to be punched or checkboxes to be checked. We provide the most human recruitment experience your employees will ever experience. Contact us. We can help you help your team, and we would love to lend a hand. ❤️

Who Is Behind All This? ?

We are a community of lawn gnomes who live in a small burrow north of Salt Lake City.

No, that’s not true, but we are pretty awesome. We are a partnership of very senior recruiters and HR professionals specializing in technical and professional hiring and people-leadership consulting across the US, especially the Utah technology market (dubbed the Silicon Slopes) as well as some of the best technology companies from the Bay Area, Southern California, and with experience in hiring& HR across the globe from Germany to New Zealand, from India to Dubai, and from Brazil to Toronto. If you’re looking to hire great people, we can help. Contact us today.

“Yeah yeah, but WHY are you doing THIS?”

Luckily, we wrote up a little backstory for you about why we’re doing this. Check it.

That’s it!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.