3 Reasons a Job Offer is ‘Too Good to Refuse’

When a job offer is too good to be true watch for these things

In more than 15 years of recruiting, I have seen easily over 1,000 job offers go past my desk to our candidates, not to mention the counter- job offers and candidates backing out of the hiring process early because they got “an offer [they] can’t refuse”.

As disappointing as it is to get a stellar candidate who backs out of your process, when candidates get job offers they can’t turn down, I find one of just few things is usually at play. And, all of them provide you with insights into how you could refocus/realign your recruiting process to help your company become the company where offers cannot be refused!

Hallmarks of an “Offer I Can’t Refuse”

You may hear a candidate tell you another company has presented them with an offer they cannot refuse if the other company offers:

  • Unusually high compensation, bonuses or cash offers like sign-ons
  • Strong hidden/fringe benefits (such as remote work, 6 months parental leave, etc) the candidate may/may not have revealed being important to them
  • This is my dream company/team/project
  • A pushy recruiter 😬
  • “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” – a sure offer now is better than the chance of an offer from you, later
  • The other company’s interview was comparatively “easy” and seems like an easier job
  • A personal connection they may feel interested/obliged to maintain

Hope this is helpful in navigating offers that may be too good to be true– Robert Merrill

Don’t believe me? Check out this article by Business Insider

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