3 Reasons a Job Offer is ‘Too Good to Refuse’

In more than 15 years of recruiting, I have seen easily over 1,000 job offers go past my desk to our candidates, not to mention the counter- job offers and candidates backing out of the hiring process early because they got “an offer [they] can’t refuse”. As disappointing as it is to get a stellar… Continue reading 3 Reasons a Job Offer is ‘Too Good to Refuse’

Keep Summer Hiring Sizzling with these 4 Smart Tips

🏝 🌞 Subtle reminder that paid time off season is here! But it will SUNBURN your hiring plans unless you prep a little now: 🥵 If you’re reading this, the biggest culprit to hiring bottlenecks is probably YOU. Here’s 4 ways to cut the cord. (you can thank me later) We all subconsciously (or, consciously)… Continue reading Keep Summer Hiring Sizzling with these 4 Smart Tips

Three Lessons From Zillow For Scaling with Automation

Seattle-based Zillow announced the cooling housing market and other factors led to financial losses, forcing the company to shut down its home-flipping division and lay off staff. Dreamstime

Zillow laid off 25% of it’s workforce in the middle of a housing boom. What went wrong? How can this apply to your automation business?

Our Reviews Model

Getting realtime feedback is hard. Getting actionable insights seems harder. We’re not sure we’ve cracked the code, but we’re trying to by encouraging candidates and clients to give us real, unfiltered feedback that we publish online. 😬 Yeah. Our system waits a randomly determined amount of time to post these reviews to aid in keeping… Continue reading Our Reviews Model

ConnectedWell and Utah Jobs List

Sponsor RizeNext, TechMoms & Latinas In Tech Utah UtahJobsList and ConnectedWell Talent Advisors are excited to sponsor and promote RizeNext, TechMoms and Latinas in Tech Utah!  ConnectedWell Talent Advisors is a local. minority-owned diverse recruitment agency founded on the core belief that everyone deserves meaningful, and high-paying work especially people who are underrepresented in the marketplace. ConnectedWell launched UtahJobsList.com as a… Continue reading ConnectedWell and Utah Jobs List

This 5-Point Scale will Help Your Team Hire Better & Avoid Bias

Whenever I have seen a runaway brotastic-hiring-trainwreck in progress, there is usually one, often quiet person on the panel who sees this coming and attempts (vocally at first, and less frequently over time) to call it out to the group. They need a safe place to share this information.