Now Hiring: Senior Software Engineer, Frontend – San Francisco (*remote optional)

The Opportunity

*(this client is open to full-time remote employees based in North America)

As a Frontend Software Engineer, you will help to build new customer experiences around the search, exploration, and analysis of image, video, and unstructured data. This involves working on novel search interfaces which make powerful capabilities discoverable, as well as building intuitive experiences for interacting with machine learning predictions in facial recognition and text extraction.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • Building a modular, maintainable frontend platform by contributing to our growing UI component library
  • Upholding a high standard of code quality through code reviews, unit testing, and continuous refactoring
  • Working closely with customers, design, and product management to develop novel interfaces for processing, analysis, and visualization of image and video data
  • Driving frontend architecture and development decisions, initially as an individual contributor, but with opportunities for mentorship and management as the team scales
  • Developing a culture around user-centric product engineering

What we’re looking for

  • Professional experience in frontend engineering with modern Javascript (ES6/ES7/ES8) and React
  • Familiarity with webpack and/or Typescript is a plus
  • Desire to be part of the product/market fit stage of a company, with an appreciation for a hypothesis-driven culture
  • Curiosity for computer vision, AI, and data processing
  • Attention to detail and care for providing the highest quality of user experience
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s/Graduate degree in Computer Science (or equivalent)

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