Full Stack Contracted Recruiting Services

Full-Stack Recruiting, Full-Speed Ahead

What is “Full-Stack” Contract Recruiting?

In modern software development, the stack represents all the software that might go into play to executive a given application. From the beautiful visual front-end elements, the calculations, logic and processing of the unseen back-end systems as well as the databases and even technical infrastructure the whole thing is running on.

In that parlance, a full-stack software engineer is capable of working on any area of an application with confidence and ease.

The recruiting world has its own version of these unicorns called full-cycle or full-desk recruiters. They are also rare, valuable, and pricey.

Therein lies the challenge:

Do you hire a few very specialized unicorn recruiters, or is there a better way? 🤔

Consider a Different Approach

We find that, by leveraging a range of qualified resources that specialize in their given tasks, the end result to our clients is both excellent, as well as modular–and this is key–which means you can boost up or down any section(s) of your recruitment process that you like.

On demand.

And without single failure points that are bound to occur with individuals being tasked with too many items and not enough bandwith to accomplish them.

In engineering terms, ConnectedWell’s full-stack recruiting model would be like a microservices architecture instead of monolithic, where everything is reliant on an entire set of tools to work from A-Z every single time.

The result is a flexible, burstable contracted recruiting model where costs are controlled carefully because the work being performed can be determined surgically. You only add resources that are needed, and for the best price, too.

When was the last time your CFO loved recruiting so much?

A Visual Example

Take a look at this 52 second walkthrough of how our embedded recruiting model works with your existing team:

Immediate Benefits of this Model


Maximize Resources, not Costs
We deploy the exact resources you need at a fair market price so you can get measurable returns on your investments, not simply invoices to be paid.

We give your internal resources the extra hands they need precisely where they need them.

No more. No less.

And each role being performed is allocated in a transparent, fair billing model that you can see up-front and leverage according to your budgetary needs.

This means your average billing rate will be much lower than if you were hiring single recruiters, or one-off contractors to fill slots.

You and your CFO will both love this model.


Use the Best People for the Job
Recruitment is not simple work. The recruitment experience is part marketing, part sales, part politician, part human resources, part legal, financial, healthcare and retirement planning advisor and, oh, get people to accept jobs, too — and that’s just the candidate side of the equation!

We often find that fixed internal team resources are excellent at certain things, good at others, and… inefficient at the rest.

We have people who are good at every step of the recruiting process from “inbox management” to offer negotiations and even headcount planning.

Your dedicated engagement manager works with you to plug the right people into key slots to support your internal capacity and help you and your team win.


Ramp Up or Ramp Down – Anytime
Our team is deployed in a flexible, modular fashion enabling brilliant and seamless addition of resources to the portion of your hiring process that needs the most help.

  • Need more sourcing? Done.
  • Got a backlog of phone screens to do? Not any more.
  • Are your candidates not being booked for interviews in a timely manner? Leave it to us.
  • Is your team managing onsite processes so much that new applicants are being ignored? We have a whole room of red-carpets to roll out for them.

Think of us like your scalable cloud-based computing platform that bills you only for what you need, and only when you need it.

That’s refreshing for once.