Working from home is the new normal.

african american man in white shirt working from home on good desk with white laptop open
Who would have thought that we would all be working from home?

It took me more than 10 years to decide to move from working in person in the corporate world to working remotely. The first remote sourcing role I had was in October 2015 for a client in Australia. After resigning from my corporate job, I was able to find a client in less than a month. As a freelancer or remote worker, I was hesitant to change careers because the working environment was not as stable as working in a corporate environment. It does not offer health insurance, benefits, or HMO coverage.

But fast forward, I’m now in my 7th year as a freelancer, having worked with both technical and non-technical US clients. In the midst of juggling work and motherhood, being a freelancer was not an easy journey. I remember nursing my son while sitting at the computer sourcing for clients. But there is a lot of joy as well, such as hearing my children watch Disney Júnior close by as I attended meetings.

What I love about working from home is the freedom to work in my pjs and to wake up and start working no matter where I am. I’ve realized that I can ‘work from home’ anywhere there is an internet connection. It has given me a lot of freedom with having small children and balancing motherhood. Not having to go into an office means I can be around for my kids to prepare them meals. I no longer have to sit in hours of traffic and deal with the horrors of commuting.

Working from home has also given us the opportunity to be able to travel together as a family. Being able to provide for my loved ones as well as having the flexibility to go to some of their favorite places, eat their favorite homemade meals and have more time together has been priceless.

So if you’re gonna ask me, is working from home worth it? Should I try a remote position? Well my answer is a big YES. I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same journey as mine, but it would be a learning experience.

If you are looking for remote, flexible jobs, here are some of the top resources you can use to find the perfect remote position for you:


Working from home is a great way to balance other priorities in your life, become more productive and efficient, and have fun at the same time. Get started now, be patient, and SEARCH NOW.

Happy Job Hunting! — Gladys Masalunga

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